Born Loose CD "Born Loose"

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Born Loose CD "Born Loose"

Born Loose debut release on Drugfront Records. These CD slipcases were manufactured to be stuffed into the sole 250 vinyl copies of the record pressed back in 2012. What we have here are the remaining copies left over from that very stuffing session! The LP is long gone - this is the next best thing!

Track Listing:

• Step Up To The Plate (Be A Runaway)
• Deadbeat Street
• China Bus Express
• Heart Attack
• Finish What You Started
• House Of Creeps
• Folds Of The Flesh
• Fat Chance
• Bad Baby Faye
• Sugar Pussy
• Dumbass Avenue
• Bobo Blues

Vocals: Larry May
Guitar: Suke
Bass: Shane Konen
Drums: Eric Robel