The Color of Noise Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

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The Color of Noise Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

THE COLOR OF NOISE - The debut full-length documentary from filmmaker ERIC ROBEL. ONLINE STORE EXCLUSIVE - Signed by Director Eric Robel

Amphetamine Reptile Records or “AmRep” was the record label that all others would aspire to in the 1990’s. US Marine Tom Hazelmyer started producing records for his own band HALO OF FLIES in 1986 and sold them from his locker via mail order to obsessed punk rock record collectors around the globe. Five years later Hazelmyer would be releasing material from the most powerful and outrageous performers the world would ever witness. Never looking back and armed with a unrelenting work ethic, Tom would find his personal identity as a graphic artist known as the man behind the sheer visceral power of the label’s art direction. Flash forward 20 years later while recovering from a near death experience, the fine artist HAZE XXL would be born.

This is the long awaited story of one of the most important chapters in American Punk Rock history. Over 50 interviews by the band members, the poster artists, the taste makers and the critics edited meticulously with stunning graphics, rare archival footage and the music that made AMPHETAMINE REPTILE RECORDS famous. Robellion Films proudly presents THE COLOR OF NOISE theatrical cut in this two-disc special edition Blu-ray/DVD combo, loaded with extras!


•  Optional running commentary with director ERIC ROBEL and editor MICHAEL DIMMITT.
• "COWS OR HAZE?" the original 12 minute opening to The Color of Noise.
•  "MY TOWN" episode  - 1992 interview with Tom Hazelmyer from public access TV.
•  "AMREP DOES SUBPOP" - The story of possibly the rarest FRANK KOZIK designed 7” in existence.
•   Full song CBGB performances by COWS, HAMMERHEAD, SURGERY, UNSANE and JANITOR JOE!
•   AMREP Poster Gallery + 8 page booklet with a forward by Tom Hazelmyer and director Eric Robel.
•   Original Kickstarter Promo film & Official Trailer in HD.

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