The New York Post-Punk/Noise Series VOL 1 - COP SHOOT COP

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The New York Post-Punk/Noise Series VOL 1 - COP SHOOT COP

THE NEW YORK POST-PUNK/NOISE SERIES - An ongoing DVD series featuring only high quality multi-camera shoots with professionally tracked/mixed audio!

 COP SHOOT COP, led by singer/songwriter TOD ASHLEY who would later front the incredible FIREWATER, would also feature other notable local musicians including SWANS drummer PHIL PULEO and LUBRICATED GOAT bassist JACK NATZ. Gaining notoriety locally by the driving sound of dual bass guitars, drums made of pots and pans, fierce keyboard samples and a provocative name, driving local police on edge with an endless poster campaign that left nothing to the imagination.

VOLUME 1 - COP SHOOT COP: LIVE AT MARTIN BISI STUDIOS, 1993. Originally shot and edited by A.V.M.S. (Byron Mansylla), the enthusiastic film crew that professionally documented the underground New York music scene throughout the early to mid 1990s. This performance by COP SHOOT COP is unearthed for the first time since it was shot in 1993. Originally intended for an episode of the public access TV show “Breaking The Barrier,” it was never edited or released. Now remastered and color-corrected in its entirety by ROBELLION FILMS.


• COP WATCH COP: Optional running commentary by CSC members

• Interview from 1993

• Poster and flyer slide show


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